Hear2Read Indic Text To Speech (TTS) Engine App could be used by any Android device and is free to download from the Google Play store.

Wanting to make the path easier for the visually impaired (VI) people is the non-profit initiative, Hear2Read, which uses Text to Speech (TTS) software that processes visual content into audio.

The man behind this empowering initiate is Suresh Bazaj, an entrepreneur who has been working in the telecom industry since 1973 in the USA. The Better India spoke with Suresh to understand the current scenario of visually impaired students in India and how the app is helping such students.

“It’s not that every visually impaired student is exceptional, but they have the same distribution of smart, intelligent people. The problem is the limitations of braille books. While most of the students do receive braille books from institutions and governments, sometimes even for free, the books are either outdated or are not available in regional language plus they do not offer a holistic view of the subject. This puts them way back on the quality scales of education” says Suresh.

And Suresh is right. Only about 10% of blind children in India get any type of formal education. The rest are either too poor or do not have the means to get access to their type of education.
Suresh describes the purpose of the Hear2Read software, saying “The Text-To-Speech software we have developed is a long journey to achieve the goal of bringing quality education to visually impaired people.”

The app could be used by any Android device and is free to download from the Google Play store.

Hear2Read app for visually impaired students

HEAR2READ app that aids visually impaired students

The app is easy to use and talks back to the user, describing the options available. The user can then interact via a soft keyboard (display) or a physical keyboard attached to the tablet and manage to navigate their way into any application or websites.

You can support his cause by making a donation or volunteering your time/services. Log on to www.hear2read.org.

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This Brilliant Project Is Making Education Accessible To India’s Visually Impaired.


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