Services for a Digital World

Our Services

IT Services

Running a business is a challenge, and the more specialists you have in each area of your business the better it runs. At JaguarByte we become your IT department.

IT Products

We are offering our customers an easy-to-use complete portal for the acquisition, deployment and management of their IT products.

IT Solutions

Presenting wide range of expertise in various technologies, we strive to be a total technology solution provider for all our clients; Enterprise and SMB, Government and Private.

IT Security

Hackers. Viruses. Disgruntled employees. Unfortunately, these are the realities of today’s network security environment, At Jaguar Byte we help your IT department analyze its network security needs and develop a security policy based on your business objectives.

IT Support

To keep your IT environment fully operational and at peak performance, you need all your Computers and Networking equipment to be always functional; and hence IT support desk is established.


ISP Services

It is Jaguar Byte’s Wireless’ mission to provide fast, wireless Internet access at a reasonable price. The most important thing to remember is that every customer must be satisfied with our services.

CCTV Surveillance System

We take care of all types of CCTV surveillance system with top level security. We undertake CCTV installation, servicing, and maintenance with utmost care & security.


Leasing Computers for students under Parental Contribution Scheme

Giving access to hand held technology to every student in the classroom. JaguarByte aims to give all kids an opportunity to make use of information technology regardless of their financial background.

Digital Learning for Students

Jaguar Byte Technology in independent social work dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and support to improving computer education.